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I’m Marko Vuković, graphic designer and musician, originally from Yugoslavia (modern day Serbia).

As a kid I always knew I wanted to be involved in anything creative. From drawing all day, every day ( even ignoring my teachers just so I can escape into my imagination during class :D ) to staying up at night looking up different artists online and in books, my entire day was consumed by artwork. I choose specific schools to attend that had the classes and programs I needed to keep my interest growing. Before finishing my studies I became a freelancer, creating concert posters, album artwork for local Toronto Music Scene around the age of 16 or so. Later expanded by creating posters for indie movies. Eventually I went into the print industry to get an understanding of how the graphic process continues after the artwork left the designers hands.

Currently I'm the lead in house graphic designer for a Music Instrument Manufacturer in Germany and I'm looking for new challenges to continue my artistic journey.

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